Customized Maintenance Plan

At Green Valley Landscaping & Design, we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all maintenance plan. When you get our professional assistance, we will conduct an onsite visit to determine the specific needs of your lawn or landscape. Other factors that we consider include the size of the area, the types of plantings installed, the current health condition of the plantings or turf, and your desired look for the landscape. Once we’re done with the assessment, we will create a landscape maintenance package that will address the needs of your entire landscaping. And the great thing about our customized maintenance plans is that they are priced competitively. You will get the services of highly skilled professionals without spending beyond your budget. Call us now.

Complete Landscape Maintenance

Our complete and modern landscape maintenance equipment allows us to maintain even large residential lawns. We guarantee fast completion of any maintenance task without compromising work quality. Whether you hire us to mow an expansive lawn area or remove nasty weeds on your lawn, we can perform the tasks efficiently and accurately. Aside from the skills of our people, we equip them with task-appropriate tools and equipment when performing various landscape maintenance jobs. Our resources include hand tools and mowers, truck-mounted pressure washers, spreaders, vacuums, trimmers and edging tools. These tools and equipment are properly maintained to avoid breakdowns, which can delay the completion of the lawn or landscape maintenance job.

Properly Maintained Landscape

We know the proper handling of various maintenance tools, so you can expect smooth work flow and commendable results. For example, they follow certain mowing patterns to ensure a neat-looking lawn. The mower’s blade is also set in its proper height to avoid turf damage. Our pressure washers are adjusted based on the type of surface to clean and the kind of dirt to remove. Our people also know when to use hedgers or loppers when performing shrubs and tree care. With properly trained crews, your lawn or landscape will get its much needed care and pampering.